Less than Perfect Credit History

Throughout our life we sometimes have situations that arise from time to time that may cause us a little financial pain related to the issue at hand, whether it be a relationship breakdown, loss of job, extended period of sickness or injury, bad business decision or losing out on what you thought would be a great investment opportunity.

From these situations our credit history might also be impacted, which is becoming more and more important in the eyes of Banks and lenders when it comes to applying for new home loans. If you have missed a payment or two, had an extended period of financial hardship or even defaulted on a loan or bill, many lenders wont assist you anymore.

The good news is – G.J. Finance has access to many lenders who are able to assist those who may have experienced less than ideal credit history circumstances in their past. So if you have credit defaults, judgements, are a discharged bankrupt or just simply have been told you’ve missed a few too many loan repayments to get a new loan, contact us and we will determine how we can help.

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