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When it comes to buying your first home, choosing the right home loan can be intimidating, daunting and overwhelming. There are so many different options available and as you likely won’t have been in this position before, you need to have complete faith and confidence in the someone to guide you through the steps of finding, applying for and then finalising your loan.

By dealing with a G.J. Finance Lending Manager, you will have access to someone who has many years of experience in lending, who knows how to work with the Banks for your benefit and who will always do what is in your best interests.

They will assess your financial situation upfront, determine how best they can assist you and match your requirements to a wide range of loans from banks and other financial institutions.

Working with G.J. Finance provides first home buyers with many advantages:

Stress free

Knowing you haven’t undertaken the process before, we make the steps to apply for a home loan easy, understandable and stress free. We look for the most suitable and simplistic option for you, at the most competitive interest rate and with as little amount of fees and costs as possible.

First Home Owners Grant

As a first home buyer you may be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant. This is a state government assistance program (not available in all states of Australia) that can provide you with a one off payment that can, in some circumstances, be used towards the deposit for your first home. We guide you through the application process for this and advise you how best the funds could assist you in your home buying journey.

Unlimited Support

Not having done it before, you will likely have many questions to ask, right from the moment you start thinking of buying or building a home, through the application process and even after your loan has settled. Your G.J. Finance Lending Manager and their support team are here for you to ask as many questions as you like, want and/or need, no matter how simple you think it is. After all, the question unasked is the worst question.

Low Deposit Option

On occasions, there is an avenue for G.J. Finance to provide assistance to a First Home Buyer without the need for the traditional 5% savings to have been achieved. This then allows someone to potentially enter into the property market a lot sooner than they may have considered possible, at an interest rate not much different to those people who do have 5% or more genuine savings. Talk to us today about how this might be applicable for your circumstances.

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