Investing in Property

An investment loan is a mortgage solution for those who want to buy an asset (most commonly, property) for the purposes of earning an income for their current and/or future financial benefit. The right investment loan can also provide taxation benefits in some circumstances, however this is directly related to and impacted by your individual financial situation and will be determined by your accountant and the tax office.

Buying a property for investment purposes will, more often than not, generate income on a more consistent basis than other assets because you receive a regular rental payment from the people renting your property (ie the tenants). In addition, if the property is in a good location, the value will potentially increase over time which then allows you to achieve a profit when selling in the future.

Investment loans are treated slightly different to Owner Occupier Home Loans when it comes to lending criteria, in that they often have stricter eligibility requirements and tighter lending requirements. They often have a lower maximum loan-to-valuation ratio (LVR) therefore require a higher deposit. They also have, on occasions, a slightly higher interest rate on average than Owner Occupier Home Loans.

G.J. Finance has access to over 30 lenders with many different investment loan options available to choose from. We can source the most suitable investment loan for you, whether it be for Interest Only payments, a Fixed Rate or the highest borrowing capacity for your circumstances.

Speak to a G.J. Finance Lending Manager today to allow us find the best investment loan to suit your needs.

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